My favorite dark chocolate: Lindt 90% cocoa


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You have good taste, I’m currently eating some of their 70% by coincidence, though only because I ate all of the 90% last night. It goes really well with a glass of red wine.




Ha! I just discovered these, and they’re now my fave too (and they too go well with red wine). Nice that they’re not all that expensive compared to fancier dark bars.


Cocoa needs sugar, you… you.,. barbarian.


I only eat 110% cocoa chocolate. Anything else isn’t trying hard enough.


My wife always gets me chocolate that can kill… Me likey.
80-90% is the best for just enjoying chocolate.


You choose the most intense chocolate allowed by law, and chase it with the most flavorless nuts?


Askinosie 77% dark Phillippines single-source bar. It will make you cry. (And not just at the price tag! Ba-dum tisch.)


Hey @markfrauenfelder let me know anytime you want an article on making chocolate. Like from nibs. I’ll send you chocolate samples to review :smile:

(I will have to build two custom machines)


My advice if you do try it: even 90‰ chocolate you can munch on, but if you try that with 99%, you’ll just get a bitter taste all over your mouth. For the 99%, take a square and just let it melt on your tongue. You’ll get all of the intense chocolatey flavor, but it’ll take the edge off of the bitterness.


Yeah, the 99% is… challenging by itself. I like it with strong black coffee. Let a small bit melt on the tongue, then a few sips of coffee. Yum.


Hardcore, dude!


That’s exactly what I do, but with red wine. The absolute best.


I like the 90% too. Their 99% doesn’t stand up to Cluziel Noir Infini 99%.

But sadly Lindt won’t commit to fair trade chocolate, so I’ve given up buying from them until they do.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:61258, full:true”]
I’ve yet to try Lindt’s 99% Cocoa Excellence Bar (1g of sugar per 40g serving!), mainly because gram-for-gram, it costs four times as much as the 90% bars.[/quote]
Kind of seems like serving up a bowl of ground beef with a saltine on top, calling it a gourmet hamburger, and charging $50 for it.


Why would you publish this?!?

Haven’t you heard there is a cacao shortage at hand?

Now I’ll need to start (increase my) hoarding…


I’ll second that (from experience). I tried one of the Lindt 99% bars, and it was not pleasant. Suitable for cooking with, or perhaps if you want to earn hipster cred for eating something that nobody else is eating…

My favorite:

It could do to be a wee bit more bitter, but for overall balance, it’s hard to beat.


I can’t believe you actually buy chocolate bars >:)

At bar trivia tonight my machinist friend and I were talking about building Nib Crushers. We have some designs in mind, and the ‘curing plate’ should be easy.

I was advocating springs for the rollers, to provide more downward pressure, but he wants to try leverage first. The design appears to be simple. Take a look at this:

Instead of granite wheels, I fab stainless wheels, rough them up, and use either leverage or springs to apply weight.

One vertical axis, one horizontal. Turning the tub or container via a belt could be even better, since there is less chance of contamination.


My boss was just forcing me to eat some of the 70% stuff today.

My life is very hard.