Bernie Sanders' Ben and Jerry's flavor: top 10% is chocolate you smash and mix with the 90% below


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Cooled-down chocolate has tendency to be rather hard. The disc, if of any significant thickness, will have tendency to sink into the comparatively much softer ice cream and deform or tear the cup, instead of obediently giving way.

Making the disc as a composite material from chunks of chocolate separated with some mechanically much weaker material is an alternative. Possibly some sort of fudge, or even a chocolate made with much lower melting fat.


Or they could package each pint with an ice pick.


I thought that was part of the lesson. If you want to get anything out of the chocolate layer, judicious use of significant force is required.


The eaters control the means of manually redistributing the fat on top?


Or you could have lots of thin layers of chocolate, like in a viennetta


Would quite happily kill my diet with one if it were real and available.


What? They don’t like my “Pecan Sanders” ice cream concept, I guess?


If there’s any complaint about not being evenhanded, they could easily create “Hillary’s Endless Fudge”.


What a shame Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t have any food chemists on staff. They really should hire you.


What would be Trump’s flavour? What about pumpkin and call it Trumpkin Head. Topped with pecans cause he’s nuts.


The State shall control the means of breaking up the chocolate, redistributing it, and providing the money to pay for it.

Well, it’s a better Clause 4 than the British Labour Party ever managed.

Color scheme is about right, at least. But it should be like the Monty Python crunchy frog flavor chocolates - attempting to swallow it would give you an unpleasant surprise, and probably severe indigestion.


Constable Parrot ate one of those.


What about gold flakes to drive the price up without adding to the flavor? And that orange “check engine” light as a symbol of mocking you by telling you something but not enough?

I don’t understand what you want to say.


As I remember (it’s a long time ago) it was Superintendent Parrot.


If there were a layer of solid chocolate on top, I would eat the rich.

Fortunately I’ve met some of them, and they don’t taste any better than the rest of us.


Have you been biting their ankles? Or is this a more …intimate… relationship?


Nah, I just have the ‘eat the rich’ t-shirt. Ché is on the back. I got it in the consciousness raising section of Whole Foods.


Is that where they keep the asparagus water?


Food chemistry and industrial processes are too fun to not dabble into. And speculations are too fun to not do, and if somebody doesn’t like it, well, tough luck.

Reality TV idea… this, spiced up with concepts from Survivor and perhaps Hunger Games.