Binyamin Netanyahu's $1,600 hair styling

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$1,600 hairstyling bill


$2,000 [for pistachio] ice cream

Seems reasonable.


I’m with you.

I doubt I’ve spent $1,600 on hair styling in my life (and it shows) but I feel confident that I’ve spent more than $2,000 on ice cream, for sure.



Sometimes ago, may be even here on boing boing, there was an article about how to judge an ice cream shop.

The advice was, taste the more plain flavour (fiordilatte) to judge the base of the ice cream, and the one with the most explensive ingredients to see if they skimp on quality.
They suggested hazelnut ice cream…

Amateurs… go buy some pistachios, and then you’ll tell me… :smile:

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Times is good in that line of work. I remember on the cusp of the last recession, we gave John Edwards all flavors of shit for his $400 haircuts. And I think those peaked at $1,250.

Oh. And then it came out he did something worse.


Stephen Harper travelled with a full time make up artist / hair stylist, for years, and we have no idea how much she was paid. Even when the taxpayer paid we have no record of her, then they Conservative Party paid her directly and they are not accountable so we still don’t know. But seeing as she worked for him full time and travelled the world I would imagine it was in the range of $60k-100k a year? Or more?

Hair helmets are big business!


Meh. People bitch about how much golf Obama plays and the costs of their trips and security, etc. Shit be expensive, yo. Especially for world leaders.


When I was in college, my roommate was manager of a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour that had closed, and at the fixture sale he bought one of their freezers. He’d hung on to his uniform (straw boater, sleeve garter, vest, the works)

…and decided to create an ice-cream catering business, where he’d show up with a gaily-painted cart outside theatre venues and scoop out cones with an old-timey zeal. He sampled many, many different brands and flavors of ice cream, since he considered himself somewhat of a mild connoisseur, and he wanted to sell really good ice cream at a comfortable though not exorbitant profit.

And he eventually decided on Thrifty ice cream, from the defunct drugstore chain. (Still sold under the Thrifty brand at Rite-Aid stores.)

I gotta agree. It’s maybe not as handcrafted and artisanal and exotic as many other brands, but it’s reliably quite tasty. I feel like an actual senior citizen to remember that a triple scoop used to cost a whopping 45¢ when I was a kid.

Okay, that was the 70s. I’m not eligible for AARP membership yet, kids.


Wonder how that happened…

You don’t actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you? ~ Julius Levinson


And as an American taxpayer, that $1,600 is paid in part with MY taxes. Are we up to a $4-billion yearly handout to that welfare state yet, or is it still $3-something billion?

Anyway, this fascist’s pricey haircut doesn’t piss me off as much as the handouts given to “settlers” who bulldoze the houses of Palestinians and turn their residents into fucking paupers. Not to mention all the other forms of Apartheid and open-air prison conditions inflicted on a people who for some reason mind having their land and livelihoods stolen from them by a rapacious, racist state.


Me, too!

Me, too!


No no, you’ve got it all wrong. A hand-out is when you rescue Puerto Rico, an actual US territory without which we wouldn’t have dominated Central American trade for a century, from being bilked by Wall Street raiders. #Sarcasm #MeBitter?


Yes. “rescue.”


To think that I stopped going to my stylist last year because $50 a pop was too much for me… Looks like I was getting bargain-basement prices and I didn’t even know it!

  • slaps forehead *

MrsTobinL pays $60 and thats cheap for Seattle. The kid and I go to a place run by two Vietnamese women who charge $12 for a basic men’s cut.


I think this is a good point, for some things, anyway (I can deal with a $1600 personal stylist bill for a week, versus say a trillion dollars plus on Iraq…)

World leaders tend to be old. Older people don’t tend to look quite as peppy, frankly. This is not a dis, it’s kind of the definition of being old. If you are in front of cameras all day and look like shit, it does not instill much confidence. That could have very negative effects on your country. World leaders also don’t tend to sleep much. Makes old people look even worse.

That was my first thought… THIS is Netanyahu’s worst transgression? What next? Are we going to see Ariel Sharon’s shocking dry cleaning bill finally revealed years after his death?


Oh… I thought he was saying that Jew-fros should be free.


Now THAT I definitely support!