My first Enigma machine: Mattel once sold a Barbie typewriter with built-in crypto capabilities


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First Deciphered Barbie Crypto Message: YANA LOVES JOZEF. MEET BY OXCART.



I’m sure this could have somehow been added to “the Immitation Game!”


Wait, there’s no instructions on adding an Arduino and setting it up for AES-128? No brass parts at all? What is this blog coming to?


I generally don’t like Barbie stuff (and never really did), but that would have been awesome to have as a kid.


Cryptography class is tough!


From the article:

“As it was probably thought that secret writing would not appeal to girls, the coding/decoding facilities were omitted from the manual.”

Holy shit! Have these people ever met a girl? Or any child?


A slovenian manufacturer?
Decode the secret message to help Little Orphan Anica:



Indeed, there seems to be a huge variety of frilly diaries with mechanical locks on them.

It also seems a little too easy to activate the coding facilities by accident, which would probably cause much confusion for the unsuspecting user.


Great, now only the Russians will know Billy is Hot!



Yeah, I think I remember them using this in Cryptonomicon.


Das Code!


Nobody likes to say it so bluntly; but isn’t “develop enough opsec to count as an entity distinct from your parents/guardians” kind of a fundamental aspect of the maturation process for human larvae?

(Or, in less privacy-oriented markets, “just outlive your parents and get them out of your business that way”; either through patience or by means of ‘inheritance powder’.)


Rewatch for the third time? Don’t mind if I do!


[quote=“fuzzyfungus, post:16, topic:92625”]
‘inheritance powder’[/quote]

Just in case you haven’t seen it, this is quite readable:


Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah


Let’s go shopping?

Also, obligatory @codinghorror:
Programming Is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!