My gaming keyboard is still going strong a year later

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Let me take this opportunity to sing the praises of my gaming keyboard, the Wooting Two.

However, whilst it may look and feel like one, it’s not simply a mechanical keyboard; no, the keyboard utilises optical switches that provide analogue-style input, so you get the pressure sensitive input of an analogue joystick on every key.

This also means that you can program keys to provide different functionality at varying pressure points.

It doesn’t get much press however, and so is not widely known about, but I’d recommend it to anyone who might be considering a gaming keyboard.

I have one that replaced an old Apple Keyboard II on an ADB->USB converter when I upgraded my daily driver to a System76 meerkat. It has been great. I love making the lights go crazy on it, my wife not so much.

I have the non-LED version of the one in the OP and have had it for roughly 2 years. It is by far the best keyboard I have ever used. I occasionally miss having the numpad when I’m doing numbers stuff, but that’s rare enough that it’s never a big issue. Unfortunately it appears Amazon is no longer selling this style of keyboard without all the blinkenlights. Shame, IMO it was the way to go to get a very affordable mechanical keyboard.

This has fascinating implications for user authentication.

(As for me, I’m using a cherry mx red keyboard that is prone to key repeats at the least convenient times.)

I recommend Red Dragon when cost is the most important factor in a mechanical keyboard. They represent a good value and have some good features in some of their product line. The key (heh) thing about them is not to spend a lot of money. K552 is a good option. I have a K596 which is a bit more expensive but makes a good wireless keyboard.

Now if someone asks me what is a good quality mechanical keyboard. I would bring up names like WASDkeyboards instead. They have a very limited selection of models but all are of an excellent build quality. And while it will cost you, they make it very easy to order extras such as customized keycaps including your own labels or popular choices like logos for your favorite OS (even Amiga and FreeBSD are options)


My gaming keyboard is still going strong a year later

A whole year?! No way!

My crappy £10 keyboard is still going strong over ten years later.

Perhaps Apple have conditioned people into thinking that keyboards are only meant to last for a few months :woman_shrugging:

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I found out the hard way, literally this week, that the boot issues I’ve been having, where it gets stuck at the bios screen, Is a bug of some sort between the ASUS z97-ar and the redragon. The only fix is to unplug the keyboard when you turn it off, and only plug it back in once the machine has windows running.

It’s nice, but that bug is a massive nuisance.

I wasn’t aware of WASD - thanks!

At a similar price point, you may be interested in Filco. Solid and customizable. Their Majestouch Convertible is my choice as it can operate USB or Bluetooth, letting me use the same excellent keyboard no matter which of my devices I’m on at the time.

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