My Life on the Road: Metrics and Mindfulness

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starting to sound like some lucky canadian dude is about to find a bag full of top flight electronics gear on the side of the road soon.


Red Wing Iron Rangers

These have been on my bucket list for decades, thanks Seamus, I’m going to buy myself something nice [which I do about every 20 years], can’t wait for my first heel blister! My Ariat boots are just about kaput…

Seamus, no victory without some failure, no triumph without courage. Sir, you are braver than most, give yourself the credit, it is due & in spades. As always best to you and the Wife.


They’re great and the break-in process isn’t as bad as a lot of folks say. Just be sure to wear a good pair of two-layer hiking socks with them. The only time that I’ve gotten blisters/hotspots from them has been after a 9km hike. I wear them on the hill climbs, daily.

Also, invest in a bottle of Leather Milk and the Leather milk cleaner. Both make a world of difference.


Interesting. My wearable has been a key part of recovering from a hip replacement this past January (the other hip will be done in July). I don’t watch it as I work out. I look at the app on my phone from time to time to see how it’s going from day-to-day.

You’ve got me jonesing to go cross-country in an RV again. :wink:

Good luck, Seamus! Thanks for keeping us posted.

ETA: The hourly nudge to get up and walk was particularly helpful in the first two weeks post-op.


I used to do a fair bit of long distance cycling (randonneur club). My cycling computer broke and I started riding without it, soon realizing that it was more of a distraction than it was a benefit. Sure, its nice to know speed and distance, but the truth is my average speed never changed by much, and I got to know what 10 / 15 / 20 km ‘felt’ like.

Nothing to keep charged. No sensors to fiddle with. Just. Ride. The. Bike


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