My music distribution service is now offering automated memes

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…when a blurb is a gestural, cross-diagetic meme tangentially processed via AI, marketing a discrete recorded music file…

–but my attempt at a rigorously descriptive title for the post is too long–

Wonderfully creative of DistroKid, actually–the fact that they are using this to market your music, and more generally their service, makes it centrally blurb-like, but so much more cool than those inert, text-only blurbs that are so annoyingly specific to the book or pamplet on whose cover they appear :open_mouth:


Props to you for putting out music under your real name! I’ve always used pseudonyms.

Awesome, I use distrokid too. Gonna go have fun now. TTYL.

Sounds exellent. Also, it takes true talent to be able to dance as horribly as Elaine.

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