My Room Is a Mess

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That photo makes me feel slightly better. But I still need to launch an organisation campaign before I end up crushed under all this stuff


Messy indeed.

At least people don’t smoke as much as they used to.

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It seems to me that there may be correlation between messy rooms and poor mental health.

If you’re feeling a bit down, getting your room clean, tidy and organized will* make you feel somewhat better.

*Terms and conditions apply. IANAD, Seems to work for depression. May not be effective against psychosis, schizophrenia or other more aggressive mental health issues.

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I finally found my “Walking foot” under a pile of papers, a week or two after noticing that it was gone. It’s a Bernina-- and those feet are expensive.

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It’s ok as long as you know where everything is.


Everything Bernina is expensive. And if it shouldn’t be, it’s made to be by giving it a fancy sounding name. Plastic shims for thick seams? No no no, how pedestrian! It’s a “Bernina Tool Height Compensation Plate”. (Don’t get me wrong - Bernina are the Mercedes of sewing machines but with high end machines come high end prices.)

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I really like the feet though. Much easier to change out than on other machines, so during a sewing project, I can always use the most appropriate foot for each seam.

I recently bought a high shank adapter on ebay, which means that I can use ultraspecialized industrial feet. That does somewhat negate the “quick change feature” unless I buy more adaptors, though.

Indeed - Bernina feet may cost a fucking fortune, but they are basically indestructible and are very well engineered.

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