MyPillow guy says he is "very, very happy" happy that Dominion is suing him for $1.3 billion

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That’s a side effect of the oleandrin speaking.


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Everyday is opposite-day in MAGAland, so I can see why Mike might be “very, very happy”


I’m thinking the fumes from HisPillow are impacting HisBrain.


“I have all the evidence on them,” he said. “Now this will get disclosed faster, all the machine fraud and the attack on our country.”



Unfortunately Lindell believes the bullshit. Any evidence to the contrary is a red herring in his mind.

He will get very angry when his “evidence” of machine fraud is dismissed in court as rumor and hearsay with nothing to support it.


“And I kept the evidence all to myself when it might’ve been important to all of those lawsuits that got tossed due to … lack of evidence.”

All part of a master plan, I’m sure.


Even though I’m sure he has all the pillows he will ever need, I still don’t see how this jerk sleeps at night



My thoughts about this:

What if the MyPillow guys requests to see the source code and then proceeds to pick through every single line of it. If there is ANY kind of weird comment, patched together code or just something that looks a tiny bit suspicious, he could get the reasonable doubt. Even if the code works as planned, I can guarantee that it is most likely a mess that any forensic computer expert would pick apart.

People have taken this route to fight breathalyzer charges. They ask to see the source code for the machine. I heard of one case, the code for reading alcohol % had a “default” number it went to if it didn’t get a clear reading - which not only sank the case, but invalidated all the cases that the machine was used in (in my understanding). In most cases companies refuse for this reason and many times drop the charges instead of risking hundred of cases being walked back.

My guess is that Dominium will refuse to submit the source code and may possibly even settle if that is brought up. He won’t even need to examine each machine. Just the code. And don’t even get started on the possibility of the code being “accidentally” leaked during this. It’s too big a risk for Dominium. Qanon idiots would eat it up if it leaked.

And also remember, that 50% of the jury pool already believes that dominium is guilty…


Trumpism is a cult/religion. Certitude of faith goes a long way toward eliminating any lingering guilt over doing the wrong thing. He sleeps like a baby, because he knows he’s right.


I suspect that Mr Pillow will discover that “lots of people are saying” does not satisfy the threshold for consideration as evidence.


“[Trial court] [appeal court] [Supreme Court] is rigged” “The decision was stolen.” “It’s rigged.” “I actually won.”

Oops. Cart before the horse.


I was going to comment, “What is the end game here?” but then in reading the other comments I came to my senses. Deny, deny, deny. Wish these fuckers weren’t so slippery.


This already sort of happened with the “audit” that was done on the Dominion machines in Antrim County, Michigan, i.e. someone who didn’t know what they were looking at, looked at the error logs and conflated an error row that has the word “error” in it with an indication that critical issues occurred and then conflated that with fraud. Trumpers still cite that “audit” as “proof” of fraud when it’s nothing of the sort.


All of the evidence that was already laughed out of court over 50 times? There has been ample opportunity for these people to put up or shut up and thus far except for one extremely marginal case RE: late ballots in PA that didn’t even matter the shut up crowd has won handily. Insane conspiracy theories are not evidence.


I suspect this will be drawn out until he goes broke.


I also enjoyed the “Statistical Analysis” the “Data Integrity Group” i.e. some guys who know some powerpoint, put on a show during the Georgia election integrity hearing, where they trumped up a slide deck “proving” fraud:

Takes about 10 minutes to download the certified results, and figure out that far from unusual, a precinct breaking 75% or higher for one candidate (the central pillar of their presentation), this is both common and also more common for Trump in Georgia’s election results.

The idea is to produce talking points, and muddy the waters enough to get out of paying a billion dollars based on reasonable doubt.


I am going to be absolutely honest…

  • I hope that the My Pillow Guy gets destroyed in court and looses every cent he has or ever will have. I hope he is banished from public circles and is thought of as a looser and a joke. (Well, I mean, he already is.)

  • I do hope that we get the clue as a nation and require our elections to be more transparent and auditable. I have a dream of eventually being able to do a 100% paper trail audit on every single vote cast in any election.

  • I also have a dream of some day having a ruling from the Supreme Court that it is a civil rights violation for the outcome of an election to not reflect the votes cast in the election, subject to rounding. If one party gets 60% of the votes cast for house seats in a state or nation and gets 49% of the seats, that is a problem.

I still think that the reason why the Republicans are so sure the election was stolen is because they paid to rig it for Trump fair and square and somehow Biden won anyway…