MyPillow Now Offering Discounts With Codes Like ‘QAnon’ and Other Assorted Insanity

Not that there was any confusion about this guy being a whack job, but . . .

From Mediaite

Using QAnon-themed promotional codes on the MyPillow website can score you deep discounts.

Co-host of the QAnon Anonymous podcast Julian Feeld pointed out the apparent discount on Saturday evening.

“‘QAnon’ currently works as a promo code on mypillow dot com,” Feeld tweeted.

Not only does the code “QAnon” work, but according to a quick but very, very serious Mediaite investigation, other QAnon-related terms such as “Q” and “storm” also give you the opportunity to purchase discounted pillows.

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Has anyone tried “Boogaloo” yet?


I would, but I don’t wan to give them the clicks.

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wait. just to be sure has anyone tried entering other random words? maybe the site just accepts anything. the whole promo code thing being a sales gimmick, ya know? i mean i wouldn’t put it past the mypillow guy or some random underlings who work for a guy like that to do this.


kind of an aside, but reading this:

Nearly all QAnon believers sign on to one basic view: that the world has long been controlled by a sinister “cabal” responsible for a wide array of evils, from wars and famines to diseases, including the novel coronavirus pandemic. This cabal is believed to have tentacles in the top echelons of the Democratic Party, Hollywood, banking, and the government “deep state.”

Made me think… if they have had the power and resourcefulness to control human civilization… wouldn’t it be obvious that they, too control the Republican party?

I wonder if there’s a fighting fire with fire type possibility of infiltrating the Q community, and injecting something like an early Reformation. Like Bogomilites, having a revelation that the God of the QAnon bible is actually their devil, and everyone has been deceived.


OK, this got me to give it a try. Random words didn’t work, and neither did “QAnon” or “storm.” So, some A-level trolling, perhaps.


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