Mysterious letterbox on bridge in Uri Geller's village


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It is those darn budget cuts, even Doctor Who is effected.


It sounds like a certain white mouse with an eyepatch and his hamster assistant have been forced to move out of their Baker Street address because of budget cuts.

Damn Cameron government.


Aliens wanted to send postcards of their crop circles to family and friends.
So they placed a box that, with the proper postage, sends mail at warp speed, just put it in the slot and fzzzzth!

Probably a W.A.S.T.E. box. Have they seen any masked river men collecting the post?


Guess old Uri hasn’t been getting much press lately, and putting up a funny mailbox is easier than bending a spoon with mental powers now that so many know the trick he used.



Have to agree, the fact that he managed to shoehorn himself into a photo of it is more than suggestive.

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My first thought, too. Is there a symbol that looks like a muffled trumpet anywhere on it?

Yes, thank you! I am not the only one to think right away of Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Perhaps Uri is telling us he’s actually a woman?

Tch. Tch. One should not be enabling trolls to send mail.


Then why was the internet invented?


You have hit the nail on the head. Having met him several times I can tell you he is a fruitcake, I have worked in an environment that brings me in contact with some real odd people, but there is no one as odd as Uri. He’s probably feeling the pinch as his side business is not doing so well. He buys up tatty houses and does them up in the Reading area and flogs them at a huge profit. It’s usually a good bet you don’t buy from him. The prices he asks are outrageous and one time I over-heard him say he could add an extra 20-30K just because because he is a celebrity.

This is just a publicity stunt.

Effected? Is that a verb?

I’m pretty disappointed that BB would even give this attention. A picture of the box? Yeah. A picture of the box with some failed charlatan in the foreground? No.


Yes, but I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Yes, why is Uri Geller even in this picture and story? The letterbox is interesting. He is not.


Unfortunately I can’t think of any effective way to prevent Uri Geller from having access to the postal service.