Mysterious murals of creepy green creatures at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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Calling David Icke…


People act like murals of Dagon on an Air Force base is sooooo weird, psssh-ah how else are the elder gods going to know who no to eat?


I’ve seen the top guy elsewhere, in a different context.
I can’t pull it from memory, and google-fu is weak on this.
I’m thinking retro toys somehow.


Basil Wolverton meets the Fleischer Bros.

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They are probably meant to be Gremlins.


There was a kid I knew in high school who had covered all his notebooks and book-covers with these quasi-Roger-Dean landscapes, a la Yes album covers. People would sometimes talk about how he was a good artist, but in fact that’s ALL he knew how to draw, and it was kind of a habitual thing.

Maybe whoever did the monster paintings really just liked painting monsters, and that was the full extent of their artistic abilities.

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This looks like nothing from German folk lore I know. Also, the style doesn’t match anything I’ve seen from the 1940ies on the subject.

I have been watching the Ken Burns Viet Nam series and yesterday I saw footage of a person with that patch and I thought that is interesting and going to the crazy Dragster art of the my thinking

Let’s not forget all the aliens named Killroy that haunting military installations everywhere.

I got a kind of Big Daddy Roth vibe from it as well, but that’s not quite right.
More along the lines of the generic Halloween decorations they had in elementary school, with the duotone green/orange color scheme. The “vampire bat” mask by Collegeville
though this is a little closer

Which lead me to Michael Berenstain’s vampire

But there is almost a Hellmouth medieval feel to it, and there is some similarity to these guys:

or leviathan as hellmouth looking like the second guy.

But that’s not quite right either.

The USAF attracts people with many different civilian life interests. I went to SP training with two gymnasts and a very, very good mural artists back in the Seventies. This is probably just the work of a bored serviceman and a whacked-out MWR specialist.

MWR = Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

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