Mysterious repeating signal from distant galaxy detected by new radio telescope


Maybe, but whatever gravitional force these 10 mile wide stars have, it is pathetic compare to the magnetic field they generate.


“Damn, did I just lose another Dyson Sphere?”


I’ve been hearing that too, maybe I should have it looked at.


1.5B lightyears? Imagine discovering a true signal with lots of info, only to realize the civilization is long long gone. But I guess it would still be world-changing, except of course every single religion would lose it’s mind in trying to explain things.


That would be a lot of fun to watch in my opinion.


Probably not as much as you might think. Here’s a couple of samples:

“It’s test of faith, sent by God.”


“It’s a message from Satan, sent to deceive you.”



I dont think most churches would miss a beat. But the funny thing is, they all think that these aliens – who conquered space travel – will be clamoring to be saved by, and baptized in the name of, our Iron Age god. The flip side is when the Aliens start introducing their religion to us (cf: Childhood’s End, the TV series Colony). It will be interesting to see what happens: in human history, the religion of the side being colonized usually doesn’t fare too well.

I agree. But its going to be funny/sad when a religious leader (well, every religious leader of every denomination of every religion) goes to the Aliens and tells them “Yes, we’ve got all the answers right here,” tapping their religious text. This, to aliens who have probably mastered all current questions of chemistry, biology, physics, space, and time.

Article where Catholics concede there might be intelligent life, but that life will be ignorant of Jesus. That is, they somehow know there are not multiple saviors for each intelligent civilization:


This is amazing. Amazing that they have the precision to filter out the signals from all the other nearby bodies less than 1.5 billion light years away and get a clean signal. Or maybe it is just a beat pattern :-?


As far as Christianity goes, Jesus originally preached to the Jewish people, God’s chosen. His followers believed his message was only for Jewish people until Paul the Evangelist started converting non-Jews. There was a lot of disagreement about that but eventually it was decided that Jesus had come for all people, even people unknown to the people living at Jesus’ time. I am not sure if Jesus was OK with this idea. He did not leave Palestine. He did heal a Roman soldier’s child and a Samaritan. Maybe that was to show his coreligionists up since those people were better behaved than his regular audience.

It is a logical extension that if we find yet more “people” or “souls” of whatever form, Jesus’ message would be for them also. (That is the Jesus message of “Love your neighbor as yourself” NOT the “Christian” message of “Only white people only get to go to heaven.Rich people are rich because God likes them. Build a wall”).


Are you in Cuba?


Thanks. I loled.


Are you offering?



Nope, I read about this before, and until someone can prove to me that it’s something else, I’m going with this:


Dammit! They beat us to developing radio by 1.5 billion years!


Most major religions survived the end of the heliocentric model of the solar system and the theory of evolution becoming universally accepted fact in the scientific community. Belief systems are pretty resilient, I doubt a few ETs are going to do away with them.


That’s what I’d use to communicate.


People should understand, they are already here and we’re the Aliens…the human race should study their past…Annonoki!!


It’s NEVER aliens…

…Until it is, of course. It all depends on how Drake’s Equation pans out, right?


Sure but I’m personally more interested in the answer to Fermi’s paradox.