Mysterious repeating signal from distant galaxy detected by new radio telescope

effectively erradicating what most people consider to be mater.


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This is very exciting. A good friend of mine was on the team that discovered this.

He told me an interesting anecdote. He was one of the the lead programmers who worked on the storing and processing of the data. He visited the telescope several times over the last few years. Apparently, you’re not allowed to use a cell phone (or any transmitting device) near the telescope since it can disrupt the signals it receives. And even the nearby town of St Andrew has severe restrictions on Wifi usage and cell phone access. So, the town is now a haven for with people who have (or believe they have) electro-magnetic “sensitivity”.


Going QRP can be fun, and if the conditions are right, you still can catch a lot of DX without using a modulated galactic core.


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So a lot of anti-science woo leeching off hard science. That’s often the way it goes.


Oh that we do.

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If it’s a repeating signal it could well mean “fridge door is open”


Of course, this is a rational view if you restrict your thinking to linear modes of travel. There a a few workable theories, some very old such as the Einstein Rosen bridge theorized in 1935, for travel over great distances which may allow for a sufficiently advance civilization to travel interstellar distances.


Oh I don’t know… Most of the religions pretty blatantly talk about more highly evolved entities interacting with the human species. If anything contemporary takes on religion seem to edit a lot of consideration of this out. But plenty of source material to draw upon. The Devas, Shining Ones, etc. etc.


You may have missed The Pentagon essentially admitting that UFOs are real, intelligent, and not of human origin in December 2017. Catching up to many other countries that have more or less done the same, including the UK, France and Belgium.

IMHO, Fermi’s paradox has been solved. The aliens are here. It’s not a particularly popular view here on bb, but… we’ll see how it all pans out.


That’s going to need a reputable cite.


There were stories on the front page of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and on the front of Politico. Dec 2017, Luis Elizondo, AATIP should be useful search phrases. Did you see the F-18 footage the Pentagon released of them chasing UFOs? Seems to have, no pun intended, gone under the radar of most.

Now, many people may disagree with my take on this story. That is their right. I have studied the “UFO issue” for many, many years, however, and this is the conclusion I am sticking with.

Add the mainstream media coverage of Oumuamua which included a lot of discussion that it might be an alien ship or artifact, and now this repeating set of FRBs. Personally, my belief is that “disclosure” is being stepped up right now, and that potentially a lot more is going to come to light over the 2020s. James Webb might be a part of that story, and who knows, maybe even Trump’s “space force.”

Again, we shall see… :slight_smile:


That is the truth. UFO’s definitely exist, it’s right there in the name. If it is flying and unidentified, it is a UFO. Is it intelligent, spacefaring aliens? Well, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. Still waiting on that. If it is, in fact, intelligent aliens, the conclusion I would draw is that we are a “nature reserve” and they are high tech tourists coming to see the funny monkeys and what they might do next.


Oh, I reckon we’re pretty entertaining to them. :laughing:

FYI UFOs are but one aspect of what has brought me to this overall perspective.

You are on the wrong forum. This is for “Happy Mutants” not “Excited Extraterrestrials”.


Here’s an interactive documentary on the subject you might want to check out:


…I’m not sure cleaning pottery shards with a toothbrush qualifies as “action”, per se o.o’.

Um, no. What they noted was a UFO. “Of intelligent origin” is all you. I’ll wait for a reliable cite.