Mysterious repeating signal from distant galaxy detected by new radio telescope


Um, no. What they noted was a UFO. “Of intelligent origin” is all you. I’ll wait for a reliable cite.


The message is:


E.T. phone home?


Their timing couldn’t suck more. Give us a little more time to replace current world leadership, thanks.


The guy who ran AATIP, Luis Elizondo, has been quite public in saying there was lots of evidence for intelligent control. So has at least one of the F-18 pilots. So does the extensive incident report for one of the scenarios. I’ve done the research, whether you care to or not is up to you.




And that is not “the government” admitting anything at all, sorry.

I don’t discount the possibility of intelligent alien activity without solid evidence, but I certainly don’t accept it either. Eyewitness/anecdotal evidence is, of itself, nearly worthless. It’s far more likely, with a bit of Ockham’s Razor, that other terrestrial beings are responsible.

I’ve seen the video you refer to, by the by, and it’s a) blurry guncam footage, and b) totally NOT evident it’s of extraterrestrial origin. Possible? Sure, but not at all likely.


If the US were covering up any material information regarding UFOs (or chemtrails or 9/11), with this administration and this president, the leakiest in history-- we’d know all about it by now. At last, we have a dispositive settlement of these issues.


How do we know it’s not a weaker signal closer by? :alien:

We don’t tell the president names of sources and other non “need to know” intel, it’s perfectly possible they aren’t taking him on the ID4 tour at Edwards either


Hillary Clinton is a true believer as well. With all her access as first lady and secretary of state, you’d think she would have had special information to back those beliefs up, but she’s said she has no such thing.

Between that and Trump’s likelihood of bringing Bill the Grey into a press conference, I’m of the belief that no governments have any more knowledge of Aliens visiting us than the layman.


a) Even if they are here, the government damn well wouldn’t say a damn thing. Ever. “Massive global panic” is a woefully insufficent term.

b) Even if they’re watching, what makes you think they’d touch our funky, monkey selves with someone else’s 11-foot pole? They don’t even need to; we bleed info out into space in every direction, anyway, who needs to visit?

c) The CIA has admitted faking UFO sightings more than once, to hide the movement of “nuclear assets”.

Aliens certainly may exist, whether or not they’re on Earth, but you REALLY need to bring your “A” game, for evidence.


As the Mueller investigation inches closer, if 45 knew anything he would be declaring a national emergency and demanding five trillion dollars for a steel dome over America.


It’s not that she has special access to evidence it’s that she has special evidence to the lack of evidence - the USSR has fallen and she had access to many a special access (TS:SCI) program. She’d know if we had craft that can do these things.

If you examine the subject of UFOs with a critical eye, there are a number of incidents that lack an explanation. The author of the NYT piece widely reported wrote an entire book which collects them together in a dispassionate, scientific manner:

My personal theory is that UFOs are real, and that the government has no idea what they are, so they’d rather pretend they don’t exist.

Admitting you don’t know whether the craft that regularly buzz your aircraft carriers are aliens, another dimension, or some other explanation your tiny human brain couldn’t come up with would not be good. I have had… unique access… and having seen how the sausage is made in DC I think it’s perfectly possible that they originally didn’t admit due to it being the cold war, and now they won’t admit because they just can’t handle the idea of admitting there’s something they can’t control or explain.

Having interacted with intel officials who love to play semantics, it’s curious to me they seem to be specific in say, Blue Book that they found no evidence of aliens. That doesn’t change the fact some of these sightings are extremely well documented - multiple, respectable witnesses - and have no earthly explanation even decades later when presumably technologies that were special access would have leaked into public view.

(Ex: The F117 spawned several UFO flaps, but eventually the tech made it into public view. Some of these sightings predate the F117 by decades - if they were earthly we’d expect their existence to leak eventually)


My problem with the whole “they know but don’t want to admit their own ignorance” idea is that why wouldn’t governments try to make contact? The technological advantages are potentially enormous, exactly the kind of thing you could use during the cold war no? That no such thing has happened tells me a lot.


How do you contact something whose origin you don’t know, which you cannot predict when it will appear?

Also I’d caution against assuming because no evidence available to a layperson indicates contact was attempted means no contact has been attempted


I’m more of a fan of the interdimensional hypothesis than the extraterrestial one. I think that if alien craft from inside this universe are visiting us they probably don’t contain living beings. I think a lot of the “abduction” scenarios are sleep paralysis related. I have not heard of any well documented abduction stories in the way there have been well documented craft sightings


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