Mysterious trumpets of the apocalypse heard in Spokane, Washington


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Heaven’s emergency broadcast system. Stay tuned.


Knowing Spokane, I would not be surprised.



Will anyone notice?


My guess is going to be trains on the rails.

I camped overnight at this traihead in east Texas last December, and a train came through the s-curve on the lower tracks in the middle of the night at a very slow pace. Eeriest, yet most interesting music I’ve ever heard.


Heaven is acknowledging Trump in the correct manner.


The world ended. Didn’t you get the epistle?


Agreed. A friend of mine has a house by a train-yard. Every day at 10pm a train comes in. It sounds exactly like a horror movie soundtrack. Eerie.


Probably just some sort of new whale or something.


But Trump was elected!
I thought God would be happy!


Yah, this “herald” is a few decades late for Spokane.


Hmmmmmm. Trying to come up with a “trump-ette” joke…


That could be a good short story or book.

“Two years into the Trump regime the Apocalypse happens and… no one notices. What’s a horseman to do when eclipsed by a human with an inhuman appetite for destruction and mayhem?”


Well, McMorris-Rogers is our representative…


A herald for the 1974 world’s fair?


Possible explanation: someone in Spokane was playing this a little too loud on their stereo:


Suspension train sound.


…and then there’s that relic in that church in greece that supposedly contains some saint’s blood, and it has a history of coagulating and then UN-coagulating on certain dates, and this year it just missed one (for maybe the first time, i dunno). anyway, it apparently portends horrendous things for 2017.

EDIT: here’s the link to the story:


Could only improve the valley.