Trumpet sounds heard across Jakarta signal end of the world (or not)


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Sounds a bit like traffic noise. Maybe an airplane in the second clip.

Why are so many people so eager for the end of the world? Are their lives that awful?


End of the world or not, this has been going on long enough that folk like me would very much enjoy an actual explination


And here I sit, vaguely intrigued, and vaguely let down that this article wasn’t a build up to an obvious “Last Trump” pun.


The sound from the first video sounds like an altered version of the Kiev video, which was a hoax based on the film “Red State”.


It’s Robur the Master Of The World! I am sure The Albatross will be sighted soon.


Wait wait wait… does Islam even have an apocalypse? And if so, is it accompanied by trumpets?


Can’t be the trumpets of the apocalypse, because that would sound like this:


WP says so - and trumpets are the eleventh and twelfth sign.

The End Is Near!


Mutant space whales.


Again? This is old and goofy stuff. It has come up every year since 2012.


The first sort of sounds like ship horns while the second sounds like the drone of plane engines


The sounds appear to be real enough, and their current explanation is Sferics.


I’ve wondered before if it isn’t possibly caused by reverberation of Ionospheric Heaters, similar to the HAARP project.
There are plenty of these stations globally, bouncing powerful RF signals off the Ionosphere to heat it and enable radio signals to reflect off and back to Earth, extending broadcast reach.


If rain is the angels crying then this is their farting.


How does that work, hearing electromagnetic impulses from lightning? (::shakes head:: gotta start scoring a better grade of clones, apparently…)

Also, holy shit – Sharon Hill! Thank you very much for Doubtful News and Doubtful!


Scientists often try to explain away these strange noises as “Earth sounds” caused by shifting tectonic plates, atmospheric phenomena, geomagnetic activity, or the like.

Swamp gas. Sorry. I’ll light a match.


Vuvuzelas perhaps?
A World Cup going on in Indonesia that we don’t know about?

Clouds are good at bouncing distant sounds.


You know, I just remembered. A few years back I lived in an area where there were mysterious flute-like noises at all hours, especially at night. Turns out I was two blocks from an enormous switching yard; it was the squeaky brakes of the trains. The amazing part is how the tones would leap from harmonic to harmonic.


it is known that low frequency radio waves can sometimes find natural transducers… i once watched a meteor shower from a field way out in the country - there were various grasses and corn around. we realized we could hear the meteors, in “real time” as they crossed the sky - this would be impossible if we were hearing sound that the meteors themselves had made. i found out later that the ELF from the meteors can be directly converted to sound by plants. pretty wild.

anyway maybe that’s what’s going on here.