Mystery noise bothers residents of Oregon town


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Just don’t turn it off.


How can the local gas company have ruled out that it is coming from their equipment if the source of the noise is unknown?


Unidirectional mics and triangulation?



That’s exactly the same sound that I make after I eat a gut bomb burrito with extra cheesy habanero sauce.


Flute? That sounds more like a fence gate needs oiling.


Yeah, an array of microphones and some DSP to analyze the phase shift shouldn’t be too hard…


Someone on the Guardian page mentioned how in the day it would be just annoying. But since it’s occurring at night? Unnerving.
This is all very Silent Hill (2)


Because they would never be anything but honest about the source of something that negatively impacts private citizens, especially if they had to spend money to fix it.


Probably the Wendigo.

The neighborhood where I lived last year was haunted by strange, flutelike sounds 24 hours a day. The maintenance man knew it was the brakes on the nearby trains. A few blocks away was one of the nation’s largest switching yards. It wasn’t the same as this recording, but similar.

I kind of wish I had some good audio gear. The yard is still there, and its music is ethereal.


Where were you @ 11 pm?
Oh, here in a boing thread?
Do you have any unmutated and somber witnesses?
Well, if you were here, you can’t have been there. Your alibi seems watertight.
We should point our investigation towards the area between the rusty playground equipment, the metal gate and the shunting track’s signal post then.


This is someone with BIG hands and heavy fingers doing circles on a huge margarita glass.



I read the headline and immediately thought of the X-Files S06E02 “Drive” episode, but this is a high-pitched sound as opposed to the ELF waves alluded to in the show. But if people’s heads start exploding, you’ll know why.


Just FYI there are lots of affordable portable recorders these days. I still have an older Zoom that has held up very well in the field and studio.


Sounds like Cello practice to me.


Long-distance transmission of sound from Portland rail yards because of temperature inversion.

They say it has been happening intermittently for years. I’d bet that it is highly predictable based upon ground and air temperature and wind.


local hydrocarbon industry denies having environmental impact, details at 11

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