Secret behind strange hum heard on England's south coast




the sound of male midshipman eager to mate in a nearby estuary.

Heh: RSS went out before the “fish” was added. Which is a better line anyway, but in that case it really should be “midshipmen”.


There’s probably a similar hum around the watering holes here in South Boston.


hahah. love that.


The way to stop these fish from humming , then, is easy: we just have to teach them the words.


The noisy, horny little bastards were suspected in the Puget Sound, too.


Here’s an audio recording of the phenomenon:

  • story about horny fish
  • authors nickname is “Pesco”
  • I am amused
  • I am mentally twelve years old


I sometimes wonder if some of the more strange hums could be caused by projects like HAARP creating a resonant hum that I reckon could easily bounce a great distance over the earth.


That’s a pretty typical entry from the Pescophiles—wait, I mean “Pesco Files!”


This theory sounds fishy.

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