The Earth's constant hum comes from the ocean floor


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Why does the earth hum? because it doesn’t know the words


I say it’s Bigfoot.



Now there’s a word I’ve never seen before.


I’m humming right now.


pretty sure Pacific Rim is REAL


It is repeating 42 over and over.


Doesn’t Gandolph say something about this?



Maybe the earth is humming to us, to soothe us to sleep…


It seems these so-called geophysicists couldn’t be bothered to provide (suitably pitch-shifted) audio of the alleged hum, even though that is the one single thing anyone is interested in.

I don’t know a lot about signal processing so I only skimmed the paper, but I assume that makes me an expert. It goes on about something something eigenmodes blah, which my best guess is that by “hum” they are talking about something that would sound like a ringing bell, or more specifically a meditation bowl:


It is getting ready to hatch.


That explains the Taos Hum then. Mystery solved!


Cthulhu snoring, clearly.


If its related to waves then maybe you can see seasons , tides and large atmospheric events in the hum.



“Nikola Tesla perceived the earth to be a conductor of acoustical resonance.”


Constant humming you say?



Yes… I agree with this proclamation.


What… what is that hummingbird doing to that frog? Exactly?


The Pacific Rim?