Mystery Box Playing Cards presented by J.J. Abrams


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No. No you shouldn’t.

That’s the Lament Configuration.


I hope they give you the combination to the box.

Blinds audiance with lens flare!


Will these cards piss me off as much as the final season of Lost did?


Let me guess… you get finished with your card game only to discover you were in Purgatory the whole time. No thanks, unless they come with extra lens flare.

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At first I thought this was the box:

Oh this isn’t leading anywhere good.

Do you like playing 52 Pickup ?

Ooooo, a new game, yay!

Hey, wait a minute… Fool me twice, shame on me.

That was rotten of me, I am so sorry.

Let me make it up – would you like some ABC gum?

Yes, please.

Damn it!

I’m not gonna fall for that one again.

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