Mystery drones swarmed Langley Air Force Base

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So, geofences are neutered and US mil has no operational drone defense for bases.



The Remote ID that the FAA has forced upon drone operators and quadcopter pilots is easily spoofed, just because some piece of worthless software tells you something is in the sky doesn’t mean that it’s true.


Man, if there is one thing the war in Ukraine has shown us, is that drone warfare is here to stay and going to bet a lot more wide spread and complicated. I feel like the US is a little far behind on the smaller drone, while they rule the skies with the large ones. But a swarm of the cheap “suicide” drones could do a lot of damage both in the field and domestically if forces were so inclined. :confused:


Reported by TMZ? WTF?

… no, by

whatever that is

@beschizza “The War Zone” is not TMZ

My first thought was Gatwick:

tl/dr Someone reports seeing a drone near the airport, so the airspace is shutdown, but despite multiple reports, no one ever gets a picture of a drone, nor finds any evidence of them, and it appears that one of the UK’s largest airports was shut for almost three days for no reason.

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