N.Y. governor "covered up" half nursing home Covid deaths

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If the coverup is this bad in a deep blue state like New York, just imagine how bad it could get in a red state.


I was going to complain that you’re whatabouting.

But then I thought of Florida.


i think jay inslee of washington has probably done the best job as a governor for controlling covid. cuomo has been pretty much “all hat and no cattle” as far as it goes for his state. having a brother with a major show on cnn has been the biggest difference between him and de santis. mario cuomo he isn’t, not even close.


Well, except in being a thin-skinned egomaniac. From what NY journalists who worked the political beat in the '80s told me, father and son shared that trait. But Mario had the integrity and smarts not to engage in a cover-up like this.


Pretty much.

(I wasn’t trying to do the whole whataboutism thing. The nursing home my mom used to work at in NY had this problem and many folks who had relatives in the home were also raising the alarm about this exact issue.)


Yep. RW radio was going off yesterday…


I’m not trying to deflect any blame from where it belongs, but as always, there is some nuance here. As I understand it from reports that came out yesterday, what Cuomo’s office was saying was that they delayed reporting in part because it wasn’t clear whether nursing home deaths in which the patient was transferred to a hospital upon death were at should be counted alongside in-home deaths.

There’s also the important note that this is also when trump was directly threatening blue states with withholding necessary data, supplies and equipment. And at that time the vast majority of deaths were happening in NYC and the metro area. I can see how this lack of clarity and threat to further harm would cause them to pause and re-examine what they’re really dealing with.

It’s also worth noting that there was a huge dump of data in early summer that included these deaths. Unfortunately, the NYT tracker that had these milestone explainers has been changed recently and I can’t find the data. I’ll post links to all this when I can. Again, I am more than happy to see him held accountable, but Cuomo has had a target on his back from day 1 and I’d like more than his “combative” attitude guiding my perspective.

ETA: Here’s a little something for context. I was wrong about the dates of release being early summer when they were actually August, but it clearly lays out that their decision making was based on: unclear guidance from the DOJ, trump making direct and credible threats against NY state (not just Cuomo) and the aforementioned lack of clarity regarding nursing home infections vs hospital deaths.


Also, a quick reminder, this data was going through DOJ (!!!) as opposed to CDC or NIH so that trump could suppress and weaponize aspects as he saw fit. I wholly believe that the decision to “freeze” this info was at least 50% political, but that isn’t the whole story by a mile.


It sure was comforting a bit there in spring and summer last year, when he was at least acting like the leader we wish we had as President.

Ah well. I hope Cuomo receives some justified accountability, and I hope people don’t in that process forget Trump’s neglect is probably accountable for tens of thousands of times more deaths.


They Governor off Hawaii totally screwed up the response to the Pearl Harbor attack.


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