Name your top three Hitlers!


If we see Hitler’s everywhere… This should be easy.

What are your top three Hitlers in the world today?

Mine are…

Trump. I don’t think he’s Hitler. Clearly many do… And those old ladies who keep Nazi saluting every time someone says raise your right hand creep me out. He may not be the best Hitler… But he’s the one we got.

Steve Jobs… What a fucking Hitler. Those fascist Apple users drinking the Koolaid. He sells lifestyles, and luxuries, and there’s no buttons on the iPhone because he hates round buttons. He tried to make everyone wear turtlenecks, so he wouldn’t have to see buttons. We still live with his legacy today.

Lee Kwan Yeu. Founder of modern Singapore. Holy shit… That entire place is an authoritarian nightmare for most the people living there… But a utopia for about 10% of the people. It’s safe and clean… Because the penalties for mistakes is death!!! Awful.

And here’s a linky-wink for those in search of a more intellectual discussion of authoritarians and why we love em…


Kitty Hitler:

Fishy Hitler

and Puppy Hitler

That JC Penny Teapot Hitler gets an honorable mention…

Edit: that Slobodan Milosevic dude seems pretty close



3 Letfoid Hivemind
2 The Vile Pile
1 Louis Pasteur


House Hitler

Ice Cream Hitler

Musical Hitler


Robert Mugabe

Aleksandr Lukashenko

Ron Mael


Eddie Hitler

Mr. Hilter

Polish teen Hitler


Abraham Likcler-Strange composite of Abraham Lincoln and Hitler

Lil Hitler

Any black Hitler
See (Mother Night, Black Gestapo, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)


(Yeah, I’m milking that one.)


My favorite Hitler is Beatnik Hitler in the Springtime:

Then there’e Hitler Reacts Hitler who somehow still manages to make for amusing material:

And finally there’s Disney Hitler, because… Disney… Hitler:

An old girlfriend had a book of behind the scenes Disney animation from the 40s/50s that had a photo of an animator who was pissed about Disney’s labor practices or something who drew Disney as Hitler which was a fave, but can’t find it on the internet.


Did Mugabe grow that tiny vertical mustache on purpose or does he just have such a deep philtrum that his razor can’t excavate it?


Most of my favs have already been hit on, but I’ll add one more!


Goat’s Good Hitler. And Space Hitler. Who is not good. But still kinda awesome, if you can say that about a non-good, totes-evil Hitler.

Sequence begins HERE



One of my direct reports is a citizen of Singapore. While he lives in California right now, he’s pretty fond of the fact that he won’t get shanked in an alleyway back home at 2 am, unlike here.


Sssh! The fascists will hear you!!!



I must admit, that idea has gone through my mind. It certainly looks that way.


Well… it suits him.


I heard Black Hitler used to be friends with Black Stalin, but now they hate each other.

( I recall an African warlord or gang leader was actually calling himself “Adolf Hitler” a few years ago, though I can’t find a link on the web for it, since googling anything with “Hitler” brings up so much unrelated stuff.)