Nancy Lake Forest, Alaska: a photo from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool


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What a great photo. I like how they somehow made it so you can’t see any of the mosquitos.


We’d camp every summer at South Rolly Lake, which is near Nancy Lake. Great place for a kid to run around and get dirty.

Kind of a camping hotspot for people from Anchorage, it’s easy to get to, lots of nature stuff, and tourists tend to skip it because they favor being places they can catch fish. Except on Memorial or Labor day… the highway is two lane and the entire contents of Anchorage definitely do not fit on that road.

Bad news. Guess what’s the sunlit haze.


Thank you so much for sharing another photo of mine! I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

For those interested, this was taken next to one of the wonderful public use cabins.

You can find more of my shots from Alaska here:


Thanks! There weren’t too many out that day. :slight_smile:

In the spirit of shared Alaskan flora (Aspen from the Interior):

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