Bison, Alaska (a photo shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


Thanks for highlighting my photo! After seeing this, I realized I had the name of the place wrong. It is actually the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (

I am selling prints of it as well:

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I had a pair of bison neighbors for about 6 years. They lived behind a double fence at a neighbor property. Never asked about them. But I observed them often enough. Massive animals.

They seemed content and quiet in their pasture. But they emitted a wildness and a force of presence that was really frightening from such a big creature. Even behind two tall, strong fences which, to their credit, I have no doubt they could have come through relatively effortlessly given any inclination.

The way they watched me; they never stared or gazed but I could see they kept me on their radar, mostly out of curiosity. It is different from meeting an adult bear up close, who is not curious. I assume also different from meeting a big cat or a wolf up close. Not the same as meeting zoo animals.

What a piece of nature and Americana that was so brutally hacked down, that so few get to know, and so infrequently. I recommend that anyone who gets a chance too, do so.

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