Naomi Wolf suspended from Twitter over Covid conspiracy theories


People who advised/supported/voted for Al Gore aren’t responsible for putting George W. Bush in office, the people who supported Bush are responsible for that.

People who advised/supported/voted for Hillary Clinton aren’t responsible for putting Trump in office, the people who supported Trump are responsible for that.

I’m sick of blaming Democrats for who the Republicans put in office, especially in the elections where Democrats won over a majority of the voters.


Gore did make some mistakes in that campaign. And for that matter, he actually won the election.



No, unfortuantly not. It was around the same time “The Shock Doctrine” was being promoted, Naomi Wolf had her book: *“The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot” and I think it was a lecture that came from that.


That is my thought, it sounds like misinterpretations of real things such as “Poop alert: Sewage could signal impending burst of COVID-19 cases | Ars Technica”.

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Except for one of the worst bombings of “The Troubles”, in 1987.

Immortalized by Bono’s reaction in the concert film “Rattle and Hum” and marked the beginning of the end for the IRA’s foreign support.

I know the area well and it’s not Belfast. The point was it was quiet until it all kicked off which is why people didn’t go in. Of Naomi thought it was nice and quiet she wasn’t really paying attention.

Bono never gave a fuck about Northerners. Never.

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But but but, Ralph Nader!!


Naomi never even went to Ireland in the 70s, she was a 13 year old jr. high schooler in california in 1975.


Rob has phrased it as a very personal comparison to what he experienced with his mother. I appreciate this.

Sidenote: I find it distressing that people do not talk about what our societies see as mental illness of the individual. But I think I can’t properly express my trouble with this.

I much appreciate your post, remembering everyone not to do remote diagnosis. And even more remembering us that the content she posted, regardless of circumstances, should have her account suspended and then closed quite some time ago.


Presumably you refer to this article:

My experience with Naomi Wolf’s ideas came through a close female relation who read the book as part of a Cal grad course by Joanna Macy. It drove a wedge into our relationship stronger than anything I had experienced with people I loved. I was a white male working for megacorp and I became the personification of the evil cabal that was oppressing women. This was before today’s distinction between systemic vs personal bigotry. Everything was personal. I was irredeemably the enemy.

This “One of us or against us” stance that radiated out to me from Wolf’s book seems like a seed that led her, and many others recently, into their echo chambers.

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I’m gladdened that another denier is banned and rendered less effective in getting her poisonous, twisted message

Alex Berenson, another semi-famous author and persistent Covid denier deserves a similar ban.

In fact, keep the bans coming. Twitter use is a privilege not a right.

If it’s any small comfort, I have heard her described not as a feminist who fell into conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy theorist who fell into feminism.

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Someone… anyone… please cat scan her skull.

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I’m saddened because I admired her.

She is gone, I fear, as a person that I can admire.

the word patriot should have been a red flag, but we were not yet so sensitive to such things


Speak for yourself. It’s always been a red flag for me. And it’s not just recent. Ask Mark Twain. He was founded over it.


That’s why her denial that she never meant the obvious and widely mocked interpretation has some credibility:

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