Napoleon on a waterslide

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Why they didn’t re-brand Raging Waters to Waterloo I’ll never know.


I am so happy this wasn’t a trick link.


That would be BOGUS.


Instead, it’s



I’m ready for a fresh dose of light-hearted Keanu, not that I don’t appreciate goth-nerd Keanu and outright-killing machine Keanu.


I’m fine with all flavours of Keanu, I just like to know which up front.


Check out Toy Story 4 or Always Be My Maybe for more excellent Keanu!

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They didn’t include the best part, where Napoleon, representing the soul of all humanity better than any actor had theretofore achieved, pushes a less enthusiastic kid out of the way so that he can have more turns on the waterslide.

One of the truest moments in the entire span of cinematic history, linking Napoleon the emperor to his fellow citizen of France across the ages, Jean Rouch, and cementing film as the home of the most profound instruments of human expression.


My family lived in San Dimas until I was about 10 and I was most bummed to learn the Ziggy Pig was not an actual establishment where I could get a gargantuan bowl of ice cream on my birthday.


That’s so bogus, dude!

You were so close, too. Ziggy Pig was based on Farrell’s, which had a location in the Valley on Canoga.


It’s real, you just have to do the chant long enough before it appears.


On Canoga, just north of Ventura Blvd? That was one of the first restaurants my school buddies introduced me to (they in SFV ~3 months ahead of me at our place of employment up the street a few blocks). Balloons and huge lollypops all over the place. Miniature football helmet dispensing machines (25 cents, I think). Big hamburgers with chili and served sloppy joe style. It was a shame when they went belly-up, but some years later someone finally picked up the site and renamed it Barrel’s (with the “B” clumsily painted over the “F” and the “L” screwed with); it didn’t last very long though. There is one Farrell’s left in SoCal someplace; they tried to make a comeback (as a chain) a couple of years ago, but…

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Yes, right near the 101 as I remember. This was in the early 80s. We went there maybe three or four times. They had that huge Ziggy-Pig-style sundae and all the drums and whistles and singing if someone finished it, but that wasn’t the one you got just because it was your birthday.

It was gone by 1990, if not earlier, so maybe @Brainspore was too young to have gotten there or the other locations. Still, not everyone can say they lived in San Dimas! Here’s more on the chain:

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I completely forgot about the damn singing, etc! Whenever that happened, I always felt embarrassed for the employees who were dragged into it. Damn.

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Bloody peasants !

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