NASA just released 8,400 Apollo moon mission photos online

I get it. You don’t like Apollo. That’s fine. I’m sure you know that you are in the extreme minority, because 99.99999999999999% of earthlings when questioned about whether they like the fact that we visited the moon say, “Yeah, sure.”

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Will there be miniskirts and shiny purple wigs? Cos I ain’t getting behind no UFO base without them.


Plus, everyone knows the Aliens won’t let us out of LEO anyways.

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Look at Buzz Aldrin; you can almost hear him say, “If anyone denies I was here, I’ll punch him in the face.”


…well…did you use aftershave, or just stumble off without a chemically burning face like some neanderthal?

It puts the lotion on.

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You really cannot imagine how hung up American men were about hair in the 1960s. We couldn’t have our astronauts looking like a bunch of hippies, after all. On television for God’s sake. It was not a practical decision, it was a gesture of cultural allegiance.


Buzz Aldrin never landed that punch on the moron, footage was faked.

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Apollo program … $23.9 billion

Trolling a small girl … priceless


Out of curiosity, have you ever visited India or China - not Bangalore or Shanghai but seen the backwaters where most of the population live?

The adult literacy rate of India is about 75%, and that includes many people who do not speak English or have access to newspapers. About 1 person in 5 has some Internet access. The adult literacy rate of China is claimed to be 95% but 45% of the population doesn’t live in urban areas, which means access to newspapers, books and the Internet is very restricted (about 45% of the total population having some Internet access in 2014). It’s an extraordinary stretch of what I suspect is American exceptionalism to think that many of these information-poor people have a conception of the West that is anything like accurate (or, indeed, the leisure time in which to learn).

You might like to consider this simple fact; if you are in the top 20% of Americans by income, you are in the top 1% from the world point of view. (60 million divided by 7 billion.) I imagine most BoingBoing readers are in a rather higher category than that. Unless you have spent time abroad and in other cultures - and I don’t mean military, business trips or holidays - your conception of the rest of the world is going to be very unrealistic.

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You’re not completely without a point, but saying that so many of them “know nothing at all” of the West is engaging in a certain degree of hyperbole. I doubt very much that there are a billion people in India and China who are unaware that US astronauts have landed on the moon.

Although I grant I haven’t spent much time in the backwaters, yes, I have spent time abroad and in other cultures. When I reach the top 20% of Americans by income, I’ll get back to you.


The most expensive Hasselblad promo location shoot ever.

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A rat done bit my sister Nell, with Whitey on the moon.

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Harrison Schmitt was 37 when this photo was taken. He walked on the moon (was the next-but-last to walk on the moon). He has spent the subsequent 43 years earthbound.

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