NASA: no evidence UFOs are aliens

Originally published at: NASA: no evidence UFOs are aliens | Boing Boing


No one ever asks the hard questions, “how come these aliens can fly half way across the galaxy, yet when they get here they crash or just come to give us anal probes?”


Or telling us moralizing homilies on how to vibrate the mind to become part of the twenty-fourth dimension.

I think you’ve got the wrong conjunction there. I mean, think about it: you’re an alien whose fetish involves giving anal probes to humans; you have to fly across the universe to indulge it. Wouldn’t you be in the kind of state where you shouldn’t operate heavy machine by the time you finally get here?

That’s not exactly how I read it. NASA’s report says that of all the various agencies in the government, they are the best suited to do the research for all the right reasons. Therefore give NASA all the budget to spend on UAP research, instead of wasting any on those Chariots of the Gods grifters and their pyramidal foil hats.


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