US Congress kicks off public UFO hearings today (Watch live here!)

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If not for the participation of Democratic Party members of Congress, I would’ve chalked this up as a desperate gambit to distract from the neverending DJT show.


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I am unfortunately already booked for this surely incredibly important examination of the deeply researched and well documented, scientifically conclusive evidence of UFO’s. Wait, they aren’t call them that any more. UAP’s? UTI’s? Something like that.

Anyway, busy busy, much to do. Let me know how it all goes, I’m sure it’ll be fascinating.


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OK, now I’ve heard the opening comments, I get it. It’s just another way to attempt to discredit the Biden administration on the basis of lack of “transparency.”


Is this what we pay these schmucks to do?


Found one

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So, the GOP wants to sew up the UFO conspiracy theorist vote? I mean… I guess I understand, given how rapidly they’ve been killing off their base and taking away their ability to easily vote for their favorite dog whistling fasci. They’ll need all the votes they can garnish, along with as many as they can suppress.

Wonder which foreign power has been pressing this guy’s “crazy button” to find out what the US may have?

Uuuuuugh. WHY does anyone keep giving these clowns press. There’s no fucking alien spacecraft anywhere on earth and they’ve never been here. FFS.

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The truth is out there.

But the truth is boring, so people like to focus on this kind of thing instead.

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It isn’t though, that’s the thing. Like, all the reasons we know aliens are not visiting us and how we know those reasons is all super cool science! We just don’t have enough people explaining it well, I guess, or people don’t want to listen? I dunno.

IMHO, the truth is always way cooler than the small-minded silliness humans invent.

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