Yet another Martian UFO found, say UFO enthusiasts


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UFO? But… but… it’s not even flying (plus, it’s a fucking rock, but whatever).


So, it’s a… UO. Which is what just about everything until it is identified, I guess.


There is at least one authenticated photograph of an alien craft flying over the surface of the planet Mars:

…of course, we’re the aliens who put it there.


Guys, that’s a space crow.


I’m inclined to believe the guy. I mean, he has UFO sightings daily


Going over there, taking their jobs…


Usually with these things – bigfoot on Mars, facehugger on Mars, New York hot dog cart on Mars, whatever – I can actually see what it is that they think they’re seeing. I’ve stared at this photo for a couple of minutes and I cannot see anything but a dark rock. (Yes, I know it is a dark rock – but I can’t make myself even see what they’re after…)


Not when Trump is president!


and oddly enough, that’s the UFO that actually looks the most like it could be a gas bubble or weather balloon…


We got enough trouble with UFOs here on Earth! But big government has to go looking for unidentified spacecraft on Mars! (Indignantly cues “Whitey On The Moon”)


We’re taking the fight to them. It’s the American way!


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