Gentleman discovers fossilized grizzly bear on Mars


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That guy looks a fair bit like a fossilized grizzly bear himself, using the same measures described in the article: curly, dark hair; a lighter-colored face; and white teeth in contrast to the rest of the picture.


But was it an authentic naturally curly grizzly, or merely a grizzly with a perm?


This dude has way too much free time.



I thought it looked like a landing pad for alien spaceships.


Bears discover fire, the principles of propulsion, and orbital mechanics - Terry Bisson


Mars Needs Women Honey


That guy’s an idiot! That ain’t no bear! It’s obviously a badger!


Now I have partially a song in my head. Help, past bedtime. What and who?



Martian Badger Don’t Care



It’s in the Daily Star, so I can only assume that they have used up their tits quota for the week.



I just want to point out that the credential process and vetting for “Alien Hunters” is a sad second to “Martian Bear Biologists”. One noted “Martian Bear Biologist” was quoted as saying: Go home “Alien Hunter” you are drunk and couldn’t correctly identify a martian bear if it was mauling you.


Dammit. There goes our only reason for going to Mars: no killer bears.


I don’t want to ask, but I have to know, is the quota an even number?


A wonderfully turgid film that one. At least that one was not a remake of earlier movies like his other made for tv produced by Roger Corman films.