NASA to rent out historic Silicon Valley airfield to Google's Planetary Ventures


I sincerely hope that Google continues to allow Myth-busting there.


Everyone’s showing old photos of Hangar 1. This is what it looks like nowadays.

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Google has more operational fighter jets than ISIS.

ii hope they keep/restore the museum at Moffett. it is brilliant, and worth a visit…

NASA just wanted to be thorough making sure they didn’t leave any secret technology behind.

I hope that Google is doing something related to the internet. Like many people I give Google hundreds of dollars a month, and I would hate to think that money goes to create the latest plastic consumer whiz-bang gadget that is of no interest or benefit to me.

I miss having the Airship Ventures Zeppelins flying out of Moffett Field. They were in one of the smaller hangars, not in Hangar 1.

Wow. Thanks for posting that photo. I haven’t seen Hanger 1 since I moved from Silicon Valley over 10 years ago.

During the '92 Air Show I, and a gazillion other people got to wander inside. The hanger is so big there were multiple hot air balloon rides in just one end.

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