NASA's Buckminster Fuller-inspired Super Ball Bot




I’m very happy that we live in a world where there are organic space robots being designed by someone called “Vytas SunSpiral” :slight_smile:


Seeing a fleet of those coming after me would be even more terrifying than a pack of BigDogs and much, much worse than the Prisoner’s white balloon thing.


“Tensegrity” named by Fuller, invented by the sculptor Kenneth Snelson.


Betcha you’re wrong! Lets stage a test. Double-blind for extra horror!


Bucky did this a lot. See Lloyd Kahn’s post:


This is an understatement.

Bucky baldy stole the idea from Snelson when Snelson was Fuller’s student at Black Mountain College.

The 90’s PBS show Building Big has a great interview where Snelson calmly explains how the theft took place.

“I liked Bucky up until he stole my idea.”


It should be playing steam calliope music for maximum effect.


Even better: this is Mr SunSpiral himself, NASA roboticist.

It’s a good world to be in.


I dub thee Tumblebot. Go forth and be excellent^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hexplore.


What that photo doesn’t show is that he’s easily 6’+ tall. Pretty imposing even without armor.



That is friggin cool


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