NASA's Buckminster Fuller-inspired Super Ball Bot


I’m very happy that we live in a world where there are organic space robots being designed by someone called “Vytas SunSpiral” :slight_smile:

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Seeing a fleet of those coming after me would be even more terrifying than a pack of BigDogs and much, much worse than the Prisoner’s white balloon thing.


“Tensegrity” named by Fuller, invented by the sculptor Kenneth Snelson.


Betcha you’re wrong! Lets stage a test. Double-blind for extra horror!

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Bucky did this a lot. See Lloyd Kahn’s post:

This is an understatement.

Bucky baldy stole the idea from Snelson when Snelson was Fuller’s student at Black Mountain College.

The 90’s PBS show Building Big has a great interview where Snelson calmly explains how the theft took place.

“I liked Bucky up until he stole my idea.”


It should be playing steam calliope music for maximum effect.

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Even better: this is Mr SunSpiral himself, NASA roboticist.

It’s a good world to be in.


I dub thee Tumblebot. Go forth and be excellent^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hexplore.

What that photo doesn’t show is that he’s easily 6’+ tall. Pretty imposing even without armor.

That is friggin cool

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