See MIT's odd new jumping cube robots

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“With some light-weight payloads, such as miniature cameras, the robot can be used for exploration tasks,”

Now that was very interesting and I learned something new, Thanks BB!

Reminds me of guinea pig ‘popcorning’

Hah, that’s cool. The slow motion starting at 2:33 really shows it–worth the wait (or skip to 2:33 if short on time).

“Each active jumping step is followed by dynamic passive bouncing motions.”

Talk dirty to me, MIT. Beat me with a miniature metal strap.

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adorably inefficient. they should sell it to the military to further world piece peace.

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Although, with this “jumping” mechanism, I’ve kinda laughed my ass off, so maybe “piece” works too.

The robots have achieved yogic flying! They will surely dominate us benevolently.

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They don’t seem to be too interested in aiming. Have they demonstrated any really advanced navigation tasks, such as moving in a straight line?

Cube jump home - you’re drunk!

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Give them to the military and they’ll add explosives so they chop you off at ankle height. (That’s if you’re standing to begin with.)


Bouncing bettys are way nastier than that already.

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That’s where the idea came from.

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Entirely the issue with modern programming. Lipstick it, pimp it out, get famous and make money.

Actually make it work usefully - why wtf?!?! Insult me why not!

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oh no there comes a cubebot… no wait it jumped in the wrong direction… careful, there it comes again… wait… no…

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