NASCAR investigating noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall at Alabama race

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NASCAR is such a cracker-ass sport I have to wonder if there would be ANY Black driver if his name wasn’t Bubba! I am pleasantly surprised they banned the racist flag and not at all surprised about the noose. I hope they find the motherfucking piece of shit that did it and prosecute it as a hate crime, which it clearly is. I read that normally there would have been any number of “race fans” (double meaning inferred) in and out of the garage area where the noose was left, but due to COVID-19 right now the area is off limits to all but drivers and crew. So some piece of shit redneck driver or pit crew did it. According to the track owners there are cameras “everywhere” and the culprit(s) will be found and held accountable. We shall see.


Why is NASCAR heading the investigation, and not a 3-letter agency?


I’d think that access to the backstage areas of any professional league stadium or arena is heavily monitored and controlled these days – especially a dangerous area are like a garage. This is a probably an inside job, and if we start hearing about camera “malfunctions” and guards taking breaks all at once then we’ll know that the perp is someone with a high profile in NASCAR.


It’s NASCAR, everyone’s guilty.


I believe that because this happened on NASCAR grounds which is a private organization it is incumbent on them to investigate as well as to ask for the FBI to investigate further. I don;t think the Feebs can just waltz in and take it over.

Additionally, it behooves NASCAR to not just figure out who did it, but also come down very heavily on that person(s) with extreme punishments. Banning the flag is a small gesture if they do not force change in their org bottom to top.


But, but, but… all they do is go left. All the time, every time they complete a circuit.


that’s because they’re so far right that the only direction left is left.


I hope NASCAR gets to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, here is the leading Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton yesterday at a rally in London.


That’s a nice sign.


Personally, I am shocked that NASCAR has taken a more progressive stance than any of the other major sporting leagues.

I wonder if this is because the sport REQUIRES corporate sponsorship and interaction. If Ford, Chevy, and Toyota were starting to worry their involvement might result in backlash, they might have made some demands of NASCAR.


Well done.

FTA: “there is no place for racism in NASCAR“

GTF out with that BS. The PR response that pulls out this kind of “this is not reflective of the culture we have…” is up there with the non-apology “sorry IF I offended anybody’
This is abso-frickin-lutely what your whole ‘sport’ has been about for years. It’s basically a Ren Fair for good Ol’ boys to cosplay South it up. I don’t see how NASCAR gets to play this both ways. BLM is diametrically opposed to the worldview of a good chunk of their fan base (especially the loudest ones). Cue somebody proposing an XFL-like challenge to create a new ‘Freedom Racing’ league in 3…2…1…

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Of all places, I’d expect a NASCAR garage to be essentially built out of security cameras. This ought to be an incredibly short investigation.


I just saw on CNN that the Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating.


Saw the same. NASCAR has also released a statement that when they find who is responsible those person(s) will be banned for life.


My F1 hero Lewis!!! The only reason that a few F1 drivers finally decided to stand with BLM is because Hamilton (the only Black driver in that sport) tore into F1’s silence on BLM.


This from some players in the NHL; nothing so far from the league.


Good to know. I’ll be sure to commit all my crimes on private property. /s

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Yeah, he’s my favorite driver as well. Class act all the way. If you haven’t seen it before, here’s a great interview that discusses his rise to fame and his relationship with his younger brother.


Thanks! Although hearing about his brother, I’d never seen this before.