Nashville Congressman said guns "deserve a place of honor with all that is good" on Xmas cards

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I remember a time when the idea of holiday cards from death cultists could only be a product of satirists.


I can almost wrap my mind around a belief system that posits guns as a necessary evil, or even just a fun hobby. But celebrating the ability to end the human life on a Christmas card is all kinds of gross.

Most Democrats believe in protecting reproductive rights but you don’t see them sending out Christmas cards waxing on about what a beautiful, life-affirming thing an abortion is.


They should replace the cross with guns and send it out to celebrate the death of Christ. That’s what he worships after all.


Nashvillian here. I’d just like to point out that Ogles only won because Republicans in Tennessee’s legislature redrew the district, diluting the city’s vote with surrounding, redder counties. Nashville leans so heavily Democratic the Republicans haven’t been able to win a seat here in decades.

And of course in addition to being an awful human being Ogles is so dishonest about his past he’s been called “Tennessee’s Santos”


Why stop at Christmas?


About 20,000 gun deaths in 2022 (almost 55 per day). About 25,000 gun suicides in 2022. About 35,000 gun injuries in 2022. Over 160 mass shooting (so far) in 2023. Such a place of honor.


According to Wikipedia there are 120 guns per 100 people in America. The next is Falklands Islands (odd, but a really tiny population, so OK), and third is Yemen which has been fighting a series of wars for the past decade and they’ve only managed to get to 53 guns per 100 people.
It’s no wonder Americans shoot each other so often.


Gotta start shooting the whole fam. trying to crawl through Die Hard HVAC plenum for the XMas cards. We gimp you a merry christmas, etc. Family dog with a wired pack, cat with pipe bombs, some ambient babies and fetal tissue with placards advocating what the UN ostensibly condemns, just to have something to send my insensate senators.


I would sent these Christmas cards to him.


I can’t quite believe that this gun fetishism is some entirely new and unique phenomenon since humans and history have seen a lot of the same stuff in different guises over the years.

So what is the thing that people idolized like guns, before we had guns? Did people do this with swords?

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It’s an aberration. People, or at least rich people, would commonly carry swords at various points and places, and walking sticks that doubled as cudgels were pretty common. But the technology for a relatively untrained person to wipe out a dozen or so people in a few seconds is new.

ETA: The wish to have the power is not at all new, legends like Samson, the 300, Musashi, the Alamo, most mythologies/histories probably have stories where the hero(es) is/are able to fight dozens/hundreds of humans who deserved death, or at least a beating. So probably just the new tech answering that wish is the problem.




Behold the new poster child for cognitive dissonance.

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