National anthems coded by subject matter

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Awesome how Slovenia’s is about friendship. Moldova is about language which is pretty neat too.


I find it weird that there are three “about flag” anthems, and the most obvious one is the U.S., … which is actually about the battle of Fort McHenry. Makes me question exactly how much thought was given to the way these were diced up.


Honestly i’d say most are a mix of at least two categories. Venezuela talks about the evil colonial Spaniards, but also mentions Venezuela itself and there’s a fair bit of lyrics devoted to the law, justice and freedom. I’d love to see a national anthem that attempts to hit all categories, just because.

I thought of that too, that the U.S. anthem is about both the battle and the flag; since it’s called “The Star Spangled Banner,” though, I think it’s a fair categorization to put the anthem under “flag” rather than “battle.”


The U.S. anthem may be about our flag, but listen to it while people sing along at a sporting event. Americans only know 13 words: “Oh, say…blah, blah blah blah…blah…blah…AND THE ROCKETS’ RED GLARE, THE BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR…gave blah blah blah, blah…” (As heard at the Stanley Cup and NBA finals, and at the Copa America.)

I swear, it’s the “five golden rings” of anthems.


We had to learn the Irish national anthem in our primary school - in Irish:

(I can still remember most of the lyrics over 20 years after speaking Irish, so we must have sung it quite a bit)

It’s satisfyingly anti-British, going on about fighting the “tyrant” and the “Saxon foe” (no offence Germany). There’s another, less militant anthem that’s used at some sporting events though.


Sadly, it was not technologically possible to use both red and green in coloring the US on the map.

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Ireland’s Call is a combined anthem for the island, isn’t it? Isn’t the rugby side a combination of NI and Ireland?

That’s how it started, but it’s more widely used now. TBH, I left the same year it was written, so I was never familiar with it being used.

To whatever idiot put this map together…

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Are any of them about other countries?

Slovakia here, let’s take a breather,
Just wanted to say Hungary is pretty neat,
They have a culinary tradition that everyone likes to eat,
Ours isn’t bad either


No colour for flowers?

Also: the Spanish anthem has no lyrics? Would I be right in guessing that after the restoration of the monarchy it was impossible to come up with lyrics that weren’t divisive between pro and anti Franco types?


So basically a song about country, it’s flag, friends, the language they speak and the battles they fought but with no words.

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The Swiss one is clearly wrong: there’s no reference to a flag in any of the 4 official languages.

You can even see those teensy blips? I searched the map thoroughly and concluded there were no songs about friendship and language. Which is fine, except why are they included in the map key? There should be another color, maybe grey for songs about beef. There are none of those either.

Wait… Slovenia? Moldova? Just how powerful is your magnifying glass? I am stunned.

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Aren’t they referring to the anthem that was voted on in September 2015? I mean, your link references at least three anthems. Although not yet official, it does have a flag theme:

White Cross on red foundation
Our sign for the Confederation
Freedom, Independence, Peace
Let us be strong and united
That liberty enlightens us
Freedom for everybody
And all for equality
The Swiss Flag
Symbol of peace and unity.

The Dutch national anthem pledges fealty to Spain:

William of Nassau
am I, of Duytschen blood.
Loyal to the fatherland
I will remain until I die.
A prince of Orange
am I, free and fearless.
The king of Spain
I have always honoured.


That’s a proposal for a new anthem, not the current one.

I thought I wrote that


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