England may finally choose its own national anthem


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Fantastic 1970 short film about a hyperkinetic short-order cook named Spider

I suppose that Flanders and Swann “Song of Patriotic Prejudice” doesn’t really fit the Zeitgeist:
Flanders & Swann Song of Patriotic Prejudice


Well, it’s a bit less of a dirge, at least. Get rid of the monarchist rubbish but keep the religious stuff?

I’d go with Vindaloo by Fat Les, though.

Perhaps Swing Low for the rugger buggers?

There’ll Always Be an England?
I Vow to Thee, My Country? (Although that’s about Britain, I think)


I see no need for a change.



Just use the Ankh-Morpork anthem “We Can Rule You Wholesale”.



[quote]I will not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England’s green and pleasant land
Horrible. Sounds like a hostile takeover.



Prefer Eric Idle’s version whilst with Monty Python’s Flying Circus. :slight_smile: (But I can’t find a clip to link.)


Surely we just stop loaning out the current anthem to our hangers-on…



I’d love to hear this at the Olympics, we need more pep in anthems.


While it’s not my game obviously. And if Monty Python won’t make bright side public domain what could be wrong with Jerusalem? Sure it’s got God bothering but it’s a republican, revolutionary, anthem of free love and consciousness expansion.

As an aside I believe it is deprecated in the established church much to the chagrin of those “traditionalists” who don’t have much idea about what Blake stood for.


And, of course, it’s useful in case someone says “mattress” https://youtu.be/rGEeLtqtNvU


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Nothing wrong with a little monty python spam though


You know what Old Jack Burton would say like at a time like this?

Ain’t no song lyrics that express my deep appreciation for the English Royal Family quite like Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover.


It’s also not easy to sing. Why go to the trouble of picking an anthem deliberately this late in the game if your going to pick something that will always sound out of tune whenever a group sings it?

Like, if we had it to do over again now, would we really pick the Star Spangled Banner?


For some inexplicable reason Australia picked Advance Australia Fair over Waltzing Matilda when they had the chance, so there’s no accounting for taste.