Fergie anthem performance enhanced by addition of jaunty backing track

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Came expecting some mid-level Youtube cruelty (Benny hill theme, rave music) and left with an actual appreciation of that version.

Mind you, still not my style, but I honestly think that captured what she was trying for.


Wow, that is solid.
If this is even close to what she was going for and hearing in her head, she nailed it.

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As, it seems, did Everybody Deserves Music nail it, by putting the two together.

Now I’m curious, where did that backing track come from, because it fits so well (to my untrained ears, anyway)? Was it found? Or was it made—quickly—just for this? … A quick search for info hasn’t informed me of much, so far. Though Jason St.Clair and his Everybody Deserves Music seem very interesting!


It’s now less terrible but not less terrible enough that I could watch the whole thing.


Watched the original. Kinda liked it. Don’t see what all the fuss is about.


Total game changer.


Because the song’s not about HER.

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I have a hard time believing her vocals haven’t been pitch shifted, just a little bit.

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I think some people just get their undies in a bunch if the anthem isn’t performed exactly the “right way,” because tradition or something. As a patriotic American, I think it’s great when artists make their own versions or put their own spin on it.

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BS. The anthem has always been about the individualism of the artist currently performing it. In fact, that’s the whole point. Think of all of the acclaimed performances of the past. They were acclaimed specifically because they were the individual’s rendition and not like the others.

Exactly! That’s the whole point, individualism. However, there’s a crap ton of 'muricans equating patriotism with 'lockstep;.

It was made specifically for this using MIDI and software emulations of real instruments. AKA on a laptop somewhere out there in the internet.

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