Fergie's rendition of Star-Spangled Banner legendary by dawn


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Maybe there really is nothing left to do with that song other than use it to say, “Hey everybody, look at me, look at me!


That is all there is to do with the song. Built-in feature. Either you can sing it properly and are a showoff, or you can’t and draw attention to yourself.


I guess “legendary” is one way to describe it.

“Embarrassingly awful,” “mind numbingly amateurish,” and “destined to be infamous” are a few others that spring to mind.


@mysterr It’s hard to use any of those terms after having witnessed:


The only acceptable way to sign it or listen to it should be as originally intended: while being drunk. From Wikipedia:

… its first public performance took place in October when Baltimore actor Ferdinand Durang sang it at Captain McCauley’s tavern.


So if Fergie had grabbed herself by the pussy (pace Cheeto), that would have made it complete?



Pence took a knee for that one.


I honestly don’t think it’s that bad. It’s not my favorite, but she sings it better than many people would. In some ways it’s far less annoying than the really over-embellished versions that some singers attempt.


Was Chance the Rapper laughing at her?


Reading this headline, I was briefly confused.


Case in point: All of the masturbatory guitar versions:

ETA: Not to be punny, but Satch hits all the right notes without being too wanky:


I heard this before dawn this AM, on a freshly downloaded podcast on my way to a job site.


Normally I don’t smoke, but I need a cigarette after that.



Top-notch imitation of David Sedaris’s Billie Holiday impression. Kudos, Fergie, kudos.


To be fair to she tried multiple times to tell them it was a very bad idea.



Has anyone tried a disco version?