National Walkout Days 2018

The children have had #Enough of being butchered in their schools, and it’s about time.

Two protests are being organized by EMPOWER, the Woman’s March youth branch, hashtag: National School Walkout.

One tomorrow, Feb 20th, on the 20th anniversary of Columbine, where the plan is for all students to attend school until 10:00 AM and then walkout, en masse.

The second is scheduled for March 14th, where everyone will walkout for 17 minutes at 10 AM–one minute for each life lost in the latest (for now) massacre, one month after it occurred.

Nothing will happen, of course, because the NRA has a death grip on Congress, and they and their Moloch cultists will happily see the daily butcher bill from their sacrifices to the Second Amendment become so normalized that it becomes a statistic block in the news feed, perhaps one with high:low betting odds. That being said, it is good to see that the children are self-organizing against the autocrats. They need to learn fear, and that starts with unease at not seeing the lambs walk gently to slaughter by radicalized white terrorists.

I just hope that none of the protests are massacred by some cultist with a sense of droll irony.


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I hope this is the end

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It won’t be the end, but with luck it will be the beginning of some meaningful change.


And a whole new generation of activists and leaders.

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More pictures from Delaware here.

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