Nauseating literary descriptions of women by authors you know and love

Damn autocorrect


AFAIK (and according to at least three articles I ran across while digging for the full meme) it originated on Tumblr:

But as with many internet things, I dunno if that’s its entire and complete origin.


In my experience lesbians definitely love breasts. But not usually in the same tunnelvision way a lot of men seem to.


The difference is objectification. Women rarely* do that to each other since we all experience it daily (or hourly). We lesbians love womens’ bodies as part of them being entire people, not despite it.

*not never, though. We’re all raised in the same society, and women do this to each other sometimes too.


I bet there’s gotta be some real bad Stephen King ones out there

Although Haruki Murakami is probably my favorite living author (reading his works in the original language brought my Japanese to where it is), his depictions of women are… not great. His women are almost always two-dimensional, and their mysterious actions or disappearances, etc. often serve merely as inciting events to propel the male protagonists’ stories forward. Also, he goes to great pains to describe how plain they are, detailing their every physical flaw before adding that they are by no means ugly, just…



Just a little off.

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