Robert E. McGinnis - the king of paperback cover art


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You see, this is what confuses old guys like me (or at least me). Don’t get me wrong, I love his work. Always have. But how is this not “objectifying women” and “portraying unrealistic body ideals”? I’m just trying to keep track of what is cool and fun and what is destroying humanity.

If you have an answer, please respond quickly. The last time I asked virtually this same question it was deleted within the hour.


My two cents: I haven’t read any of those novels, but at first glance they look like novels for adults, who (hopefully) can discern fantasy from reality. The criticism of objectifying females and unhealthy body-types (that I see at least) is leveled at works aimed at young girls and adolescent boys.

It’s vintage! So it’s Hipster Approved.


I find this artwork and the female forms depicted therein most pleasing to look at.

As long as you are only doing it “ironically” I’m sure that’s fine…

I like that. Thank you.

I suspect this is more correct than the admins would like to admit. And explains why I’ll never be able to follow the logic. Then again I’M vintage, so my puzzlement deepens.


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