Nearly 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses

This stat is not surprising. It’s yet another sign of the complete failure of Pakistan as a state.

Despite (and to a certain extent because) being propped up by continuing support from the USA, China and the Gulf monarchies, Pakistan continues to lurch from crisis to crisis, barely capable of carrying out basic governmental functions like this.

Indeed, the combined effects of political instability, an uncontrolled army that acts like the state is subordinate to it, an intelligence community that has openly encouraged terrorism for decades only to face continual blowback, widespread corruption and a massively dysfunctional legal system have all combined to see Pakistan outperformed by the victims of their genocide of the 1970s. Yes, Bangladesh is now becoming wealthier, healthier, and more equal than the country that treated them with such disdain.

Even Pakistan’s defenders can only provide a half-hearted defence of its current state, claiming that it is merely failing, rather than completely failed

All of which points to the fundamental truth of the situation. Partition was a disaster, and history has shown the utter folly of trying to establish a confessional state. It’s an idea which has always led to disaster.

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If you keep pulling the yoke, eventually the houses start getting bigger again.


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