Nearly 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses

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the pilots were told three times by air traffic controllers that the plane was too high and they should not attempt to land, “but the captain did not pay any heed to these instructions.”

The pilots proceeded with trying to land – without lowering the landing gear.

I’m assuming these were pilots without licenses, otherwise firing that 30% isn’t going to solve the problem.


I always assumed that people who sold fake I.D.s to high school kids were kinda stuck; it’s nice to know there’s a career path here.


I don’t think you could have found a more appropriate 1-in-3 pilots picture than that one.


Now look here, this is quite easy, actually:
When you push the yoke the houses on the ground get larger, and when you pull the yoke the houses get smaller.


Can you spot the fake pilot?


Beat me too it!

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Don’t those pilots realize they are going to be on the planes they don’t know how to fly? It’s one thing to not care about other people’s lives, this is next level crazy.


That is one of the huge misnomers in Libertarian (lack of) thinking, that we don’t need regulations for things like pilots and drivers because they would never do anything stupid or unsafe that would endanger themselves. Thousands of years of human history and psychology says that is utter nonsense.


How hard can it be? I will just pick it up as I go. Anyway, I will start out as a co-pilot. There is no way the senior pilot also doesn’t know how to fly, right? I played a flight simulator once and looked at a cockpit diagram, I’m just no good at taking tests, thats why I need someone to do it for me.

People are dumb and bad at evaluating their own capabilities.


What if you start seeing houses when you look straight up from the flight deck windows?

Dunning-Kruger into terrain?


Surely you can’t be serious? :airplane:

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Man! That sssooooo reminds me of somebody. Hm. Who. Could. That. Be.

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Have they been to Jackson’s Whole?

Two sets of documentation for “Firka” included physical vid shots of a man very different in appearance from their moaning captive: a big, bulky, but perfectly normal human male from either Jackson’s Whole, no House affiliation, or Aslund, another Hegen Hub neighbor, depending on which—if either—ID was to be believed. Yet a third Firka ID, the one the present Firka seemed to have used to travel from Tau Ceti to Graf Station, portrayed the prisoner himself. Finally, his vid shots also matched up with the IDs of a person named Russo Gupta, also hailing from Jackson’s Whole and lacking a proper House affiliation. That name, face, and associated retina scans came up again on a jumpship engineer’s license that Miles recognized as originating from a certain Jacksonian organization of the sub-economy he had dealt with in his covert ops days. Judging from the long file of dates and customs stamps appended, it had passed as genuine elsewhere. And recently. A record of his travels, good!

Miles pointed. “That is almost certainly a forgery.”

The clustering quaddies looked genuinely shocked. Greenlaw said, “A false engineer’s license? That would be unsafe .”

“If it’s from the place I think, you could get a false neurosurgeon’s license to go with it. Or any other job you cared to pretend to have, without going through all that tedious training and testing and certification.” Or, in this case, really have—now, there was a disturbing thought. Although on-the-job apprenticeship and self-teaching might cover some of the gaps over time . . . someone had been clever enough to modify that hot riveter, after all.

Stop calling me Shirley.

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Flying a plane in Pakistan apparently.

The small ones are far away and the large ones are near, just the way jt is like with cows.

Yeah but when a white guy does it it’s a basis for a zany biopic about a lovable sociopath forger who risks the lives of his fellow human beings by pretending to know how to fly planes or practice law and medicine. It’s also funny because he tricked women into having sex with him under false pretenses!


Pilot: I gotta level with you, man. I don’t know what I’m doing up here so I’m gonna have to let you do all the flying today.

Copilot: Oh shit. Funny you should say that…