NEED HELP locating a sci-fi short film that was posted on BB a while back

Can you help me identify a great little short science fiction film that was posted on BB over a year (or two) ago?

There was a neat little indie sci-fi short film posted on boing boing a good while back that I really enjoyed. I would love to revisit it, but for weeks I’ve been unsuccessful in my attempts to track it back down.

I believe I only watched it once or twice, though months later I found myself continually pondering it’s premise, and was soon inspired to write my own similarly themed short story. Now I find myself needing to find it not only to enjoy it again, but also to ensure my own story is in fact merely inspired and (hopefully) not (ahem) completely ripping it off.

My recollect on this is thin, so below are what vague details I can offer in hopes that someone with a stronger brain can help me out. Any help is awesome mucho super duper appreciated!!!

  • Film’s setting is in a futuristic community/co-op workshop of sorts, with the general feel as a place to craft weapons, armor, etc. (take a tool, leave a tool…)
  • I believe this is the only setting shown, though i do remember being given a strong impression that outside the safe house exists an apocalyptic, monster-strewn war zone of an earth in crisis.
  • I also believe there is only one actor in the film, a young(ish?) girl. If memory serves, the entire film is based around this woman’s visit to the workshop - we see her enter, craft/repair equipment, and depart - with story of the outside smartly provided through this exposition.
  • One of the key plot devices is a computer log she uses to document her visit/materials used/etc, with the focus being that her entry is just below someone we are able to infer was close to her but was recently killed. (daughter, sister, ??) - I believe the title of the film may have even had something to do with that entry, like it was called “After Emily” or something to that effect, though I could be way off here…
  • I want to say the entire film is less than 10 min long, and may have been from one of those 48 hour film contest things

I know it’s a long shot, but thanks for reading, and thinking, and hopefully remembering!!

boing boing love ya’ll,

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