Sci-fi short film - "Orbit Ever After"

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Short, but sweet. I thought perhaps they would have been orbiting forevermore entangled in each other’s arms. I feel for the parents, Nigel’s existence wasn’t their fault. It is all they knew, a melancholy ending for everyone I suppose.

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Still seems better than tinder…

Omit to mention Mackenzie Crook’s in it too, why don’t you?

At least it had a happy ending.

No, seriously, while I did sympathize with the protagonists, I was relieved to see that humanity was still alive and well on the planet. Which still had a functioning ecosphere.


Yeah, after seeing that last scene I was wondering why anybody would choose to live up in space in the conditions that were shown. I choose not to think too much regarding this last scene, otherwise the whole plot may fall apart in my mind and I thought the story was quite compelling.

Especially as they’re now locked in and unable to make their living any more.

Good point. I actually contemplated that when he jammed the hatch shut and made his leap of faith. Christ, the more I think about it, that kid was just a selfish asshole.

I assumed that there had been some sort of catastrophe before. I think the people shown were quite obviously farmers. So the survivors below probably don’t even know that there are still spacer and are in no position to mount a rescue mission.

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