Movie chat: Life (spoilers)

Let’s try a thread about a movie here.

Some reviewers thought that Life was an evolution of the Alien movie genre.

I found it to be novel, but mostly the same old shtick. In fact I can’t imagine what they were referring to as being so refreshing. There is an alien, and it wants to kill us all. It is smart and adaptable which makes it scary.

Given the tone of some reviews, I expected a specific plot twist with all the lip service it paid to sciencey talk, but alas it wasn’t to be.


Yeah… I thought that the trailer looked kind of formulaic. Maybe what people find refreshing is just decent actors and contemporary production values? Grafting valid sciencey talk onto something that is still essentially a monster rampage movie sounds like a slight improvement over characters doing and saying stupid things. But then it might focus more criticism upon basic plot and motivational problems. “If the people and/or monster were really smart, why would they be doing X in the first place?”

It looks like it might be entertaining enough, but maybe not sufficiently interesting for me to make the effort to see it.

Well it looks a good riff on Alien/The Thing/Andromeda Strain (nothing new under the sun). I would almost say this is more an old dark house/creature feature movie just in space.
For an even earlier version check out IT! The Terror From Beyond Space which is so so so much the inspiration for Alien.

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Haven’t seen it yet, but the reviews I’ve heard seem to match what you’re saying - formulaic, nothing surprising.

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There were some twists I liked, but nothing sciencey or that changed the Alien movie trope. The end was almost more “Twilight Zone” or “Outer Limits”.

I enjoyed it in the sense that it was shiny in a way reminiscent of “Gravity”. The creature was interesting enough. But I just could not get past the endless bad decision making of the characters. Astronauts are not overly emotional, impulsive people.
I can understand that in films like “Apollo 13”, the writers felt a need to humanize and dramatize the characters and events, but they did not overdo it.
In “Alien”, Ash opened the airlock for reasons that were later explained.
But in “Life”, it seemed like the characters were deliberately doing whatever actions would only make things worse for everyone. For me, that is maddening.

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Not to mention some of the incorrect things they said, like carbon life forms require oxygen. Not true! Life on earth first started with CO2 breathers, and switched to oxygen.

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This would have bothered me more, but I watched “Prometheus”. Calm bunch in comparison.

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Can we get a spoilers notification somewhere? Maybe in the title or top of the first post?

I’m going to get a crick in my neck from looking away so fast when ever I realise information I don’t want is going in through my eyes,

Yeah, I thought we were skirting around most of the spoilers (for example I didn’t post the great ending I was expecting)

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I couldn’t tell, sorry, as soon as I realised there were deets bein’ discussed I got real concerned, real quick. :wink:

Thanks v. much btw.

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